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Discovery Air Defence and Air Affairs Australia have been awarded a two-year trial contract by the Commonwealth of Australia to provide Red Air and fighter support to the Australian Defence Force.

DA Defence recently participated in Exercise CUTLASS FURY 16, a multinational anti-submarine warfare (ASW) exercise led by the Royal Canadian Navy. DA Defence’s fleet of Alpha Jets and Westwind special mission aircraft join Canadian and allied ships and aircraft conducting ASW training off the coast of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. As a highly-experienced combat support provider to the Canadian Armed Forces, DA Defence aircraft and crews flew more than 180 sorties on various missions including anti-ship warfare training, electronic warfare, threat replication and target tow.

On April 2, 2016, GSH hosted their 32nd Anniversary event in Yellowknife, NT. An estimated 1,100 people were at the event and many were provided flights around the city as part of the event. A total of $9,671 was raised from these flights and Discovery Air matched the donation, giving a total of $19,342 to the Yellowknife Community Foundation. Photo credit: Yellowknife Community Foundation.

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28.09.2016  · The U.S. Air Force recently declared that its F-35A Lightning II fighter jet is combat ready. Here are some stunning images of the aircraft.

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The first head of state or government to receive official and dedicated air transport was the British Monarch. In 1928, two Westland Wapitis were delivered to No. 24 ...