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In today’s economic environment, companies are increasingly engaging in business with partners who are located in areas other than where they are located. With today’s fast paced, dynamic and rapidly changing business climate, executives are often called upon to travel to meetings with little notice. This can make finding a viable commercial option difficult and in some cases impossible for business travelers. When scheduled flights and routings are no longer able to meet your needs, it may be time to consider using a business jet charter.

The decision to employ business aviation as a tool to help you grow your business, isn’t necessarily an intuitive one. There is a substantial capital investment and a required expertise inherent with aircraft ownership. These considerations can be quite prohibitive to most growing businesses. With Stratos Jet Charters on-demand executive air charter service, your company can gain access to any size and type of business jet on a flight-by-flight basis.

Avjet – A Jet Aviation Company’s  unmatched understanding of Boeing Business Jet charter operation makes us the undisputed leader for BBJ private charter. Leveraging over three decades of Boeing Business Jet charter expertise and a longstanding relationship with Boeing Aerospace, our BBJ charter specialists provide clients with valuable insights and counsel for a worry-free aircraft charter experience.

Clients who utilize Avjet’s comprehensive range of services are better informed and better prepared in making decisions on  chartering aircraft ,  aircraft management  and  completions  of Boeing Business Jet aircraft.

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