Big old jet air liner

If there’s one thing on Earth we don’t know enough about, it’s the ocean. We’ve only mapped around five percent of the seafloor, and two-thirds of the ocean’s animal species might remain undiscovered . It shouldn’t be a surprise that we’re only now able to create detailed maps of the seafloor—but that doesn’t stop each new one from being mind-boggling.

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management released a new set of super high-resolution bathymetry data of the Northern Gulf of Mexico for anyone with a computer to enjoy. It uses 90,000 square miles worth of 3D seismic data to increase the resolution of the regional maps 10 to 50 fold. It’s made up of 1.4 billion 40x40 foot pixels, according to the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management website , which is incredibly high resolution compared with what we had before.

“We know more about some other planets than about a lot of the areas of our own planet’s sea floor,” BOEM geologist Kody Kramer told Gizmodo.

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A 17-hour test flight where you end up right back where you started is probably pretty boring. Any way to spice things up is probably welcome, which is likely why Boeing test pilots used their long, boring test flight to draw a massive outline of their plane all over America’s beautiful face.

The Boeing 787-8 aircraft plotted its selfie over 22 states, and they even managed it so that the nose of the drawn plane points to the Puget Sound area where Boeing is headquartered.

Planes drawing images with their flight paths is by no means unknown. Usually, though, it seems like it’s just doodles of colossal dicks , like the United States was a middle school desk.

“I’m leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again. Oh babe, I hate to go…” From excruciatingly long airport security lines to luggage checks, crying babies and sick passengers freely sharing their germs, flying can be absolute torture for those simply looking to get from point A to point B without a lot of hassle. And, while most of us can only afford to fly coach or business class, we can’t help but enviously eye first class passengers who seem to have it all.

While it’s true that first class passengers often enjoy better service, food and facilities, the true crème-de-la-crème is actually in private flying where you’re in complete control of your comfort and your destination! Can you imagine? No line at security—check! Catered food—check! More leg room and plush seating—check! No one judging you for snoring or binge-watching The Bachelor¬—check! But seriously, who can afford that kind of luxury?

With horror stories of lost luggage and missed flights running rampant these days, we couldn’t help but wonder about some of the most luxurious and fastest ways to fly that could boost our enthusiasm for our next sky-high trip! Are you ready to dream a little with us? From A-list actors and stand-up comedians to musicians, sultans, princes and presidents, we searched the world’s top aerospace manufacturers to uncover the 50 most expensive private planes that are sure to shock you! Get your bags packed and let’s get started!