Adam air jet

MASI is in Myrtle Beach.
Focus- Providing world-class maintenance to owners and operators of commercial and business jets.
Services - We offer A-C letter check maintenance, Teardown/Disassembly, Parts Distribution, and Aircraft Management.
Location- Situated adjacent to the passenger terminal at Myrtle Beach International Airport, our location is geographically convenient to all Midwest and East Coast operators.

We seek to drive growth, profitability and improve cash flow. Along with expanding our portfolio and international presence in aviation.

Our creative team excels in offering a lavish and comfortable interior design service. Luxury, practicality and modern colors blended with quality materials.

Adam Air Flight 574 (KI574 or DHI574) was a scheduled domestic passenger flight operated by Adam Air between the Indonesian cities …

Adam Air Flight 172 refers to an accident suffered by a Boeing 737-300, when it landed in Surabaya at the end of a scheduled domestic passenger flight from Soekarno ...

Il volo Adam Air 574 era un volo di linea della compagnia aerea indonesiana Adam Air tra le città di Surabaya e Manado che il 1º gennaio 2007 è precipitato in mare ...