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As a manufacturer based in Egypt’s 10th of Ramadan City, Oriental Weavers Carpet Company produces three grades (A, B and C) of machine woven carpets and rugs for the Egyptian market, with annual capacity for the company presently reaching 22 million m2.

Oriental Weavers International’s vertically integrated facilities in 10th of Ramadan City encompass the scope of extrusion of synthetic fibers, dyeing and spinning wool as well as the weaving and finishing of products. The majority of the group’s diversified products related to home textiles are produced within this facility (carpets, rugs, Axminster, Gobelin, gun-tuft and fibers). The total annual capacity of the plant was 34 million m2 in 2013 and it targets mainly export markets.

MAC Carpet “Fiber Factory” operates three production plants in 10th of Ramadan City. Since its establishment in 1980, MAC’s output has risen sharply to more than 56 million m2 of carpeting in 2013, up from a capacity of 18 million m2 in 2002. In addition to wall-to-wall carpeting, MAC’s diversified product offerings include, door and kitchen rugs, rubber backed bathroom mats, multilevel textured mats for outdoor applications, car mats, children’s rugs and mats, scatter rugs and club rugs. MAC also manufactures three-dimensional advertising floor panels, runners and artificial turf for indoor and outdoor applications.

* The phrase “trade union” is sometimes used as a synonym for “labor union,” but it is also used in a more narrow sense to signify “a labor union of workers in related crafts, as distinguished from general workers or a union including all workers in an industry.” [2] [3]

* Some labor organizations also support political candidates and engage in issue-based advocacy. For details, see the section on politics and activism .

* Collective bargaining, as defined by Cornell University’s Legal Information Institute, “consists of negotiations between an employer and a group of employees so as to determine the conditions of employment.” [6]

Where We Do It Oriental Weavers products are manufactured at 31 factories (Including feeding industry) in Egypt, China and the United States.

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