Jet air fs 302 600 вытяжка

Textures only file for the SGA McDonnell Douglas MD90 in Reno Air colors. Reno Air is long gone from the real world skies but can live forever in flight sim. Requires SGA90.ZIP. By Robert Dennard. Screenshot of Reno Air MD-90 in flight.   ...

"Miss Jessica", registration N713AA. Repaint by JP Visser. Model by Erick Cantu. Screenshot of Capital Cargo International 727-200 at night. I would very much like to thank the following people for their assistance/encouragement, or both. Henry W., Steve D., Jim C., Kevin S., Erick C.,Fraser T., Dave A., Frank I. and countless others. ...

Model by Erick Cantu. Repaint by JP Visser. Screenshot of Evergreen International Boeing 727-200 in flight.   ...

Airbus A300-600R. American Airlines plus Thai Air classic Airbus model for FSX only. Model with diffuse, bump spec and nightmap. Comes with working virtual cockpit. Works with SP1 and SP2. Not tested with DX10. Has included multiplayer compatible mdl. By Thomas Ruth.

The outside model is not 100% multiplayer compatible.If you want to fly the aircraft in multiplayer session, replace the exterior mdl file from the model folder by the one from the model/multiplayer folder. Some of the multiplayer models animations are not that exact as the ones from the standart model because i had to abandon the XML "sim on ground" query.

1) unzip folder to a suitable folder, your desktop for example.
2) Move the tom306 folder as it is into your FSX/Gauges subfolder
3) Move the Tom_A300-600 folder as it is into your FSX/Simobjects/Aircrafts folder
4) Copy all files from the effects folder into your FSX/Effects folder