West jet charter

When talking to a prospective operator, you will want to quiz him or her thoroughly. We have provided a Glossary of Terms to assist you with industry jargon. Any good charter operator will appreciate the opportunity to go through a prospective itinerary with you as long as you are serious about using their service and aren’t simply window-shopping or web-surfing.

Credentials are important. Review the operator’s operating certificate, safety record and/or insurance policy. If your company has unique insurance policies, discuss them. Additionally, there are companies that constantly monitor, analyze, and audit charter operators around the world, such as ARGUS International, Inc. ARGUS maintains a proprietary system of evaluating charter operators called CHEQ (Charter Evaluation and Qualification) that combines the factual safety history of a charter operator, aircraft and/or pilot, and compares that operator’s safety record against relative industry benchmarks.

Ask the operator for customer references. Call these customers and ask them questions about their business dealings with the operator. You should be able to get a quick sense of whether or not they are happy with the services they have been provided.

On this day in 1970, a British Dan-Air charter, flying a Comet 4 turbojet, crashes into the sea near Barcelona, Spain, killing 112 people.

The charter was commissioned by a tourist group who were headed for a summer vacation on the Spanish Mediterranean coast. The passengers boarded in the afternoon of July 3, the plane took off without incident and, as early evening approached, they neared their destination of Barcelona. The pilot called the air-traffic controller and indicated that they were 12 miles away and at 6,000 feet altitude.

This was the last anyone heard from the jet. No further contact was made to the air-traffic controllers. Witnesses in Mataro, Spain, spotted the plane going down. There were no survivors and the remains of the wreckage provided no clues as to the cause of the sudden crash. It remains a mystery.

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