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This is the sleek, new Epic Victory private VLJ business jet by Epic Aircraft in the United States. This unique, small 5 passenger jet features a single engine turbine powerplant, high mileage economy, and fast cruise at 320 Knots. The Victory features the Garmin G1000 full screen panel system and a plush, luxurious, leather clad interior. Featuring an all carbon fiber airframe, this is one very liteweight, very fast, very economical jet for todays jetset pilots. This Addon Package is by permission of Epic Aircraft Corporation.

There are presently 12 different exterior paint schemes that the Epic Victory comes with. Each exterior paint scheme has a fitting interior and panel theme that will match it. Paint schemes mostly feature metal flake metallic finishes with a classy, waxed shine.

The instrument panels feature the Garmin G1000 glass panel system as well as the MVP-50 engine management screen, lower center. There are 5 different color schemes of instrument panels to accompany the 12 variant interior/exterior themes. These panel versions include dove gray metal, carbon fiber, cherry wood veneer, teak wood veneer, and walnut burl veneer. The center screen now features a built in Checklist system like the actual Garmin screens. The MVP-50 features a secondary screen showing the aircraft outline and system features/annunciations.

The VLJ Business Jet is one of the first of a new generation of small personal VLJs – Very Light Jets - designed to be operated by a single pilot. The aim is to bring business jet ownership and travel into a more affordable arena.

The crew at CLS brings you this aviation first, first! Designed to their normal very high standards, the quality inside and out is amazing, with quality animations featured throughout and an extensively modelled instrument panel, virtual cockpit and cabin. The VLJ Business Jet has a great set of cockpit systems, available in both 2D and 3D cockpit, so be one of the first to own your very own VLJ – Jump in and jet off!

"There is an impressive line up of features that you would normally expect from payware aircraft twice the price... There's something for everyone, advanced avionics, performance, single pilot operation and fun! Go get it!" Mutley's