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2.  To manufacture, purchase, sell, deal in soft coke, Special Smokeless Fuel(SSF) with coal tar recovered by CMPDIL Technology, industrial coke, coke as substitute to Charcoal, processing and distillation of coal tar coal tar chemicals, any other type of coke and organic chemicals based on carbon and tar derivatives, charcoal, bone charcoal, activated charcoal, activated carbon, black or any other carbon products, dyes, dye intermediaries, coal mining, use of waste heat for processing or production of any article etc.

3.  To carry on in all its branches the business of manufacturers and dealers in carbon black of all types, gas black, ebony black, jet black, hydrocarbon black, satin black and silicate of carbon either from natural and/or artificial gas or from any other source.

2.  To carry on the business as agents, distributors, merchants, importers, exporters, traders, contractors, warehousemen and to establish, maintain, operate and/or run agency lines in goods, stores, consumable items, durable merchandise, chattels and effects of every kind and description in any place in the world
and without limiting the generality of the above, to carry on business as Selling Agents, Buying Agents, Factors, Mukadams, Carriers, Jath Merchants, Landing Clearing and Forwarding Agents, Commission Agents, Insurance Agents, Distributors and Stockiest, Brokers and/ or in any other capacity.

This is a partial list of aviation accidents at Eglin Field / Eglin Air Force Base , Florida or involving Eglin-based aircraft.

PANAMA CITY , Fla. AP --- Thirst for drinking water was the chief worry of two weary airmen during a 24-hour battle in the storm-swept Gulf of Mexico in a life raft. They were brought here Tuesday.

S-Sgt. Charles D. Jones, 31, of Meridian , Miss., and Airman 2-c Peter R. Rosing, 22, of Ingleside , Ill., were the only known survivors of a B-17 bomber shot down by mistake Monday by a new-type automatically-controlled jet fighter.

Inspired by HBO's " The Latino List ," Celebrating Latino Leaders brings you up-close and personal interviews with Latino leaders serving Greater New Haven and Connecticut.  While the individuals profiled  represent a diverse group of men and women from many countries,  professions and age groups, each is united by his or her commitment to  social change through giving back and creating opportunities for others.

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" We work for the community, they are ‘our boss.’ There  has to be some controls put in, but, I think oversight by the community needs to happen.” 

Ford Aviation prides itself on providing the best quality solutions to our clients both in terms of operational on-time performance and in-flight service as well as pre- and post-flight support to our tour operator and aircraft leasing clients.  As such, we are proud to partner Titan Airways, who have consistently matched and exceeded our clients’ expectations as a reliable, trustworthy and, above all, professional air carrier.

As a broker who specialises in executive jet operations, Titan Airways are one of the only large aircraft operators who we will call to provide an aircraft for our very demanding clients. Titan deliver a service akin to an executive jet operator – supreme customer attention to detail, bespoke catering and no request too small (including sourcing Indian sweets for an ‘unusual’ charter). If our client has a suitable budget there is really no option but to recommend them using an aircraft provided by Titan Airways.

British Airways have used Titan Airways regularly over the last ten years, both on a planned basis and at very short notice. They consistently deliver a reliable, high quality service with excellent flight and cabin crew teams, backed up by a responsive operational support group.