Supersonic business jet wikipedia

Richard Branson of Virgin Galactic has just partnered with startup Boom Technology to build a supersonic aircraft, Boom Technology announced. The plane would zip through the skies faster than the Concorde jet or any other commercial aircraft today, Boom Technology said.

Aircraft that fly faster than the speed of sound were first developed in the mid-20th century. But regulations and technical challenges halted innovation and expansion of the concept, said Boom Technology, which has headquarters in Denver. The aviation startup said it aims to change that by developing a modern, supersonic passenger jet that travels at Mach 2.2. That's twice the speed of sound, or 1,451 mph (2,335 km/h). The Concorde, a now-retired supersonic passenger jet, flew at speeds of up to about 1,350 mph (2,180 km/h).

Boom also aims to set a new speed record for civil aircraft, according to a blog post by Blake Scholl , CEO and founder of Boom. [ Supersonic! The 11 Fastest Military Airplanes ]

In 2014, the design was updated as the Aerion AS2 , with length and takeoff weight increased to accommodate customer requests. [7] [8]