Charter jet to athens from ny

It is very simple to rent a helicopter. You will need to book your flight, send us all the required details and that’s it. Our helicopter rental aircraft vary in size so they can carry from one to seven passengers. There is also space for luggage but it differs depending on the size of the helicopter hired. This means that you will need to check this beforehand as if you are using a helicopter in Athens to travel from the airport then you may have a lot of luggage. This may not be such a concern if you are taking helicopter tours in Greece for a day.

With the company owner having 35 years of experience in flying and all of the team certificates available to check on our website, you can be sure of having a safe and comfortable journey. So if you are looking for a helicopter in Athens or any other part of Greece, then consider using a trusted company that puts safety first.

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Everyday more than 150 experienced professionals are committed to getting you to your destination in a comfortable manner. With modern aircraft from our own fleet or a plane from one of our partners. Furthermore, we guarantee flexible and efficient service tailored to your needs. But there is more.

FLYINGGROUP has in-house specialists to whom you can entrust the complete management of your own aircraft. A guaranteed professional approach saving you a great deal of headaches.

Is using a private aircraft not convenient? Then sharing an aircraft is a smart alternative and a financially interesting formula . Completely tailored to your personal flying needs combined with the benefits of a private jet.