Jet a-1 combustion temperature air

The integration of the UOP Unicracking and Unionfining technologies is key to treating virgin/cracked middle distillate streams and diesel-selective conversion of heavier oils.

The industry-leading UOP Unicracking™ technology gives you the flexibility you need to upgrade a variety of feedstocks to high-quality, lighter transportation fuel products. The Unicracking technology can produce LPG, naphtha, kerosene and diesel, as well as high-quality unconverted oil to use downstream to produce lube oils or for FCC feed through the conversion of heavier feedstocks and the addition of hydrogen.

Our broad range of hydrocracking catalysts is designed to improve your profitability. Through significant technical advances in our product line, we can increase the precision of reaction chemistry on a molecular level, not just by physical properties. This means you can be more specific and selective to achieve your processing goals.