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Peter Norton (born November 14, 1943) is an American programmer , software publisher , author, and philanthropist. He is best known for the computer programs and books that bear his name and portrait. Norton sold his PC software business to Symantec Corporation in 1990.

Norton was born in Aberdeen, Washington and raised in Seattle . He attended Reed College in Portland, Oregon , graduating in 1965. Before discovering microcomputers , he spent a dozen years working on mainframes and minicomputers for companies including Boeing and Jet Propulsion Laboratory . His earliest low-level system utilities were designed to allow mainframe programmers access to some previous RAM that IBM normally reserved for diagnostics. This foreshadowed his personal computer work, where he became known as a savvy author of low-level system utilities and reference books.

When the IBM PC made its debut in 1981, Norton was among the first to buy one. After he was laid off during an aerospace industry cutback, he took up microcomputer programming to make ends meet. One day he accidentally deleted a file. Rather than re-enter the data, as most would have, he decided to write a program to recover the information from the disk. His friends were delighted with the program and he developed a group of utility programs that he sold – one at a time – to user groups. In 1982, he founded Peter Norton Computing with $30,000 and an IBM computer. [2]

JESUS « LE SAINT ESPRIT » est notre PASTEUR heureux ceux qui suivent le SAINT ESPRIT et PAS LES HOMMES ..HALELUIA!!
14 Moi, je suis le bon pasteur ; je connais mes brebis, et mes brebis me connaissent,
Jean – Chapitre 10:14


Sarah Lorraine non seulement c’est choquant mais je dirai inadmissible , mais il y aura toujours des extrêmes que je sache , pour l’écouter régulièrement sur le Top ; et oui je le confesse , je n’ai jamais vu Joyce Meyer danser sur les billets

“Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” John 3:3 (KJV)

Among the many heresies and outright lies taught by the Word Of Faith movement, the false doctrine that Jesus Christ became born again after suffering in Hell at the hands of the Devil is among the most pernicious. This whopping lie is taught by is taught by Joyce Meyer , Benny Hinn , Kenneth Copeland , Kenneth Hagin , as well as nearly every other false teacher in the Word Of Faith movement.

This junk is SO bad it would be laughable except for the fact that there are millions of deceived “christians” who follow these fakers, perhaps all the way to Hell itself. If we were to judge the Word of Faith Movement by the preaching in this video, it would absolutely have to be termed a cult.

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