Jet air slx 2m 90 ix

“Porsches are fast,” they say. “Porsches are refined,” they claim. “Porsches have great handling,” they allege. Well, I just drove a Porsche for the first time, and I can say unequivocally: Porsches are none of those things. I’ve been living a lie.

A few weeks ago, I finally drove a Porsche for the first time. And it was a proper one too: air cooled, rear-wheel drive and of course, manual-shift. It was a blast, though it left me wondering why people keep telling me Porsches are fast. The 1960 Porsche 108 Junior I drove could barely jaunt itself down a driveway in the time it took you to read this.

Some of you will say that, because the engine is at the nose, this thing isn’t really a “pure” Porsche, but then you’d be wrong.

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