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The Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) offers the private jet charter VIP experience. It has three times the interior space of other business jets at a comparable price with a range of more than 6,000 nautical miles. Based on the commercial Boeing 737 airliner, the BBJ provides VIP travelers with room to work, relax, dine and sleep, attended by all the latest technology and amenities. The Boeing Business Jet enables travelers to cross oceans and continents, with a maximum range of 11 hours flying time. Despite its exceptional size and range, the Boeing Business Jet’s takeoff requirements are only slightly more than other long-range, private jets, providing accessibility to many airports.

Avjet leads the broker/dealer industry in the sales of Boeing Business Jets, having overseen 75% of all BBJ transactions over the last three years.

Avjet is a world leader in new and pre-owned Boeing Business Jet management, private jet charter, sales and acquisitions, as well as delivering and overseeing  airecraft completion  of new “green” aircraft. Avjet is the only Boeing Business Jet operator in the United States approved by the FAA as a Part 135 global charter. This certification was specially awarded to Avjet by the FAA, the Department of Transportation and with final approval from the White House.

With nearly triple the space of other executive jets, a non-stop range that easily covers New York to Honolulu, Cairo, or Buenos Aires, and a refreshingly home-like interior, including a queen-size bed suite, up to 2 full-height showers and living, dining, and conference rooms, the BBJ is known as the ultimate in business jets.

The BBJ 2 is approximately 19 feet longer than the original BBJ, with 25 percent more cabin space and double the cargo space. With dual General Electric/Snecma CFM56-7 engines, the BBJ2 is capable of traveling long distances at high speeds. The new Max platform will also offer 12% more fuel efficiency. Accordingly, this will reduce operating costs and increase range when compared to the original BBJ. Furthermore, the BBJ2 also travels faster and quieter.

The BBJ 3 is the largest BBJ and features an impressive intercontinental range. The BBJ3 is powered by dual GE/Snecma CFM56-7B27 engines, which each provide over 24,300 lbs of thrust. Larger than its predecessor (BBJ2) in both external size and interior cabin, the BBJ3 was designed to offer the same exceptional performance in a larger package.