Citation x 12 seat business jet

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In 1974, Cessna studied a long range model 700 stretch of its original Citation I powered by three JT15Ds called Citation III, with a 17,500lb gross weight, a 8,000lb empty weight and a 7,500lb fuel capacity leaving 2,000lb for the occupants, and targeting 1978 deliveries. [5] This would have gave it a transcontinental range. [6]

Cessna announced the 10 to 15 passengers, $2.5 million Citation III at the Fall 1976 NBAA convention. [7] Scheduled for 1980, the model then presented had a cruciform tail and a cockpit similar to previous Citations. As the proposed three-engined Models 600 and 700 timing was inadequate, it would be powered by two TFE731 and would be lifted by a supercritical 35° swept wing . Its maximum cruise was targeted for 470kn, the long-range version had a 19,300lb gross weight and would cover 3,000 nmi. The programme was to cost up to $50 million to launch. [8]

In 1978, it had a specific cockpit and a T-tail , the wing had an area of 312ft² (29m²) and an aspect ratio of 8.94, the ER version targeted a MTOW of 18,300lb (8,301kg) and an empty weight of 9,400lb (4,264kg). [9] Assembly of the first production aircraft began in January 1979 and the first prototype made its maiden flight in May. [10]