Jet boat charter

Jet boats rapidly earned a reputation as thrilling, high-performance rides but in recent years the platform has matured to the point that the boat’s jet power is now considered just another viable alternative to a sterndrive, outboard or even inboard. Yes, the high-performance reputation is still deserved; jets leap onto plane with little hesitation, boast thrilling speeds and handle with unparalleled agility. Jet power, however, is also more compact (opening up interior space), contained within the hull (eliminating worries about an exposed propeller and allowing the boats to run in shallower waters), and easy to maintain.

New to Yachting or Charter Vacations?
If you haven’t enjoyed the advantages of this type of luxury holiday, then this section has plenty of articles about how it all works and what to expect. Of course you can also just contact us and an experienced broker will personally guide you through and explain everything. Additionally, the yachting news section keeps you abreast of developments in the industry.

Why CharterWorld?
- The complete list of charter boats worldwide, at the most competitive prices.
- Free, independent and professional advice.
- Access to the latest specials and discounts in the Caribbean and Mediterranean.
- CharterWorld saves time and money on any luxury yacht vacation.

Where To Charter Your Yacht?
Matching the right location for you is paramount. There are immensely interesting and diverse places all over the world to charter a crewed superyacht, but the most popular spots are:

I discovered Click&Boat surfing the Internet. I am a naturally curious person, and your website caught my attention right away. I started reading about your general terms and conditions, where I quickly found a phone number. After talking to the client service, which was very pleasing, I decided to try out the platform.

At the age of 16, I was volunteering for the Red Cross of the Sea, where our goal was to assure sailing regattas. It is during that period that I learned to navigate on small boats for the first time. After 30 years, I finally got to own my first fishing boat bigger than 8 meters in length. Five years ago, a friend of mine who made his fishing boat available for charter, invited me to come aboard with him and some clients. It is then that I saw how much people appreciated the sea. So, I decided to pass my professional license to be able to take people out on the water in Mallorca.

The service that I offer is simple charters without skipper, because many people own a boat license, and our vessels are easy to handle. We are starting private excursions where we can take people on the boats to places they could not go to by themselves.

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