Business gulfstream jet

There are business jets, and then there are Gulfstream business jets . From the time the company introduced the original Gulfstream GI in 1959, it has continually pushed the boundaries of product innovation and technology. As a result, it has:

After establishing itself as a warplane manufacturer, Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation, led by cofounder Roy Grumman, decided to focus on civilian aviation following the conclusion of World War II. The twin-turboprop Gulfstream GI was the result, and this purpose-built business aircraft established Grumman (as the company was then known) as an industry leader.

Since then, Gulfstream business jets have been a dominant force. Their aircraft have led to a number of industry firsts, including:

Every detail of this brand new G650 interior was designed to create an atmosphere that intuitively provides the utmost control and comfort. It offers a variety of ways to stay connected; traveling will be a very productive moment for your business! Sixteen large Gulfstream panoramic windows allow abundant sunlight into the cabin for a spacious and bright sensation on board. Last but not least, the G650 has the lowest cabin altitude of any business jet and replenishes 100% fresh air every two minutes for your well-being.

Gulfstream Aerospace produces a number of long range corporate jets such as the G450, G550 and G650. These can fly on intercontinental routes such as London to Los Angeles or Dubai to Tokyo. The G500 and G600 are new additions to the range and are expected to enter service in the next years.

These jets from Gulfstream cater to high net worth individuals and corporations who need transportation with a global range.

Gulfstream jet owners of note include Tom Cruise, Mark Cuban, Larry Ellison, Peter Jackson, Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods.