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This Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) features a large living room, master bedroom, second bedroom/meeting room, three lavatories, and a spacious galley. Additionally, this aircraft has over 500 cubic feet of baggage space. With non-stop range to Europe.

In this era of international commerce, global leaders need to fly farther in comfort, be productive en route, and reach business destinations relaxed and refreshed. With nearly three times the interior space of the competition at a comparable price and a range of more than 6,000 nautical miles, the BBJ meets these demands.

Having all the comforts of home ensures that you can maintain personal productivity even when flying 12 hours nonstop. Comforts such as a spacious executive suite with a queen-size bed that allows you to get a good night’s sleep. A dining area is perfect for conferences or gracious meals. Private offices are ideal for serious work or quiet reflection. With all the amenities of home, you can meet, eat, sleep, and dine in comfort … and are sure to arrive at your destination refreshed and ready for business or pleasure.

At BOSS, we understand you need a Business Jet provider that “Moves At the Speed of Business” and we do 7/24/365. In this competitive business world, the airlines fail to meet the needs of the business community. You have to wait unnecessarily for hours. You have to conform to their schedule sometimes spending 3 days travelling to do one day’s business. With Business Jet and JetProp Charter, you are working SMART (Simply Maximizing All Resources & Time) .

Choose from a varied selection of Quality Aircraft from our Global Partner Network. All aircraft are vetted and “Argus Approved” ensuring the aircraft that you are provided are of the highest standard. To learn more please visit Our Fleet .

For Clients whose needs are less frequent, just call for a Competitive quote and Superior Service each time you require an aircraft.

Charter-a provide business air charter of private Jets, Helicopters & air taxis throughout the UK, Russia Europe, USA & UAE. We will allocate a dedicated member of our team to look after all your business travel needs 24 hours a day from quote to your flight.

So if your in house task is to arrange your companies travel then look no further our team will offer you alternatives based on cost, location requirements, schedules and passenger numbers. Once your happy with the type of aircraft and costs we don’t stop there. Our team will pre-clear you through customs, offer you a complimentary bar and food service and monitor your flight from start to finish, leaving you with nothing to worry about. So if your boss passes you his busy diary and needs you to plan everything for him then look no further.

Other than private jet hire we offer a point to point solution with helicopters capable of getting you closer to your chosen destination. Whether you have multiple meetings in one day and you want to avoid the traffic and possible delays by road or train then we can save you time, energy and provide that stress free travel. Make an entrance and fly directly into your business meetings!

The Boeing Business Jet (the VIP version of the 737-700) or BBJ for short is one of the biggest private jets you can hire. The series is often used for presidential travels. It is used as a presidential aircraft in Argentina, Australia, Colombia, India, Kuwait, Malaysia, Nigeria and more. You won’t be surprised to learn that at Private Jet Charter we love BBjs; they are amazing aircrafts for parties or for business flights! So let’s introduce you to the BBJ!

The BBJ’s production started in 1998 and it was first sold in 1999. The builder, Boeing has already sold more than 190 aircrafts from this series which has been developed in a partnership with General Electric! The price of the BBJ depends on the model (from BBJ 1 to 3) and ranges from 47 to 310 million dollars.

The length of the plane is 110 feet, its width is 117 feet and its height is 41 feet. The cabin (excluding cockpit) is 79 feet long, 11.5 feet wide and even a basketball player would feel comfortable in the cabin as its height is about 7.3 feet.